Horlogerie – Orange Monster

The Orange Monster diver watch with a new, orange Zulu strap.



2 réflexions sur “Horlogerie – Orange Monster

  1. Unfair posting that again Pierre, you know how much I covet that orange monster! Are you a diver as well as a biker? I dived for ten years around the UK. Saw some fabulous sea-life and some wonderful wrecks.

    • Sorry Jude, but you know the way 😉
      Yes, I dove for a couple of years in my former life. Mainly in warm waters, along the vertical cliffs in the Straights of the Red Sea, or more easy dives in Thailand and Malaysia.
      An exceptional night dive though in ice cold waters of a mountain river, observing the big trouts sleeping, leaned against the rocky walls of the riverbed. We were carrying a big rock with us, that we used as an anchor to resist the strong currents.

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